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Heavy Construction Services

We Make Innovation a Necessity & Your Satisfaction a Priority.

From consultation to engineering to completed construction, we work to provide paramount consultation and heavy construction services to our many clients, delivering a cost effective, quality end product that we are proud to endorse.

1 on 1 Consultation – Save Time, Save Money, Gain Options

From initial layout design and surveying to completed heavy construction, our diverse team can take care of all your needs from start to finish. We’ll take a look at your needs and challenges, create options and pricing, then help you determine which option will best fit your situation. 

Building Something Together

Parnter with Us, You’ll Have a Partner for Life

Tyler Miller

Taking the Time for that 1 on 1

Whether its an On-Site Review, or Pre-Bid meeting, our team is here to get to know you, and evaluate your project and your needs, so we can give you the most accurate proposal possible.

We strive to work together, communicate well and provide our clients with a quality, cost efficient end product that is above and beyond your expectations.


Value Added Services

  • Professional Engineering
  • Design Services (CADD)
  • Construction Management
  • GPS Surveying / Total Station

Construction Aggregate Sales

What People Are Saying

…(EWS’) attention to the specifics of the construction details, resulted in a project that was completed early and under budget.

– M.S.

Our project progressed systematically with a well sequenced work plan, without delays. The progress of the project can be contributed to EWS stron management and providing proper equipment and manpower for the type of work necessary.

– K.S.

EWS has been a professional contractor that has performed exceptional work on our project, confirming and meeting the specs that are to be followed. We have been very satisfied with the timing and quality of work performed by EWS.

– S.T.

EWS maintained composure to work through issues that arised from a compressed schedule and helped us maintain current operations during our project.

– M.S

Oil & Gas

From Concept to Finished Heavy Construction, We Build it Right from the Start.
We provide in-house engineers who specialize in the oilfield construction industry.

Advanced Grading Plans: We’ll build the base, you ass the assets. Utilizing computer-aided drafting, we develop advanced grading plans to alleviate soft subgrades and continuous maintenance. Ultimately, we save our customers time, money and headaches.

Materials: We are experts in construction materials including aggregate, liner systems and geosynthetic fabrics that can be implemented into standard construction practices and reduce continued maintenance costs significantly.

  • Locations

  • Access Roads

  • Highway Approaches

  • Highway Acceleration/Deceleration Lanes

Your Liaison to the DOT
We know the oil field, we know the DOT. Having worked extensively with the DOT, we speak their language and will work directly with them, on your behalf, to accommodate what they may ask of you.

Value Engineering / Design Review

Looking out for your best interests, we alleviate problems before they start. Our team of engineers and technical staff  have the exposure and expertise in the field to help determine if your current design plans will best serve your needs and end goal.

Often we are able to suggest modifications that will save you time and money, while delivering the same end product. Contact us for a consultation, today.


Offering Turn Key Solutions to Meet Rail Needs, Since 1999. From Survey to Design to Completed Construction, we provide the engineering and heavy construction expertise to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Having worked with main lines throughout Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, North Dakota and South Dakota, we are familiar with railroad standards and will design and build facilities that meet your needs.


  • Turn Key Track Expansion
  • Transloading Facilities
  • Unit Car Facilities
  • Facility Design that Meets Standards
  • 20 Years Experience
  •  Completed Project in WY, MT, ND, SD, & CO
  • Familiar with Railroad Standards
  • Direct Work with the Mainline Railroad for Design Review & Approval

Rail Facility Design
Our Engineers will take a look at your needs, draw up plans, and work directly with the mainline railroad and construction team to support your project.

Preliminary Budgetary Costs
We offer budgetary costs and scenarios, including survey & preliminary design, to help get you started.

Not Sure Where to Start? We’re here to take care of it all for you. First, we’ll take a look at your needs, and work with you from survey to initial design to completed project, including facilitating the interaction required with the mainline Railroad.

From there, we’ll walk you through the specs which the mainline Railroad will require, and offer preliminary, budgetary costs and scenarios, then help you choose what will best suit your situation.

Emergency Derailment Response & Support

We work directly with derailment companies to provide emergency equipment and operators, regardless of the day or hour. Need help? Contact us anytime.


From the standard project to the specialized, we can take care of your needs from conception to completion. Not only do we provide paramount heavy construction services, we also can accomodate Survey and Design work for even the most specialized projects. With access to our in-house professional staff and full construction crew, no job is too simple or complicated.

  • Reservoir Construction
  • Topsoil Stripping
  • Reclamation
  • Culvert Installations
  • Conveyor Line Corridors
  • Railroad Track Expansion
  • Advanced Grading Projects
  • Diversion
  • Scoria Crushing
  • Utilities
  • Wetland Restoration
  • Public Road Relocation
  • Haul Roads
  • Multi Plates
  • Channel Regrading
  • MSE Wall

Specialized Mining Applications, Value Added Services
Utilizing our in house professional staff, we offer Survey, Design & Construction for your specialized projects.

Contact Tyler Miller at (307) 682-4346 Today.

Resume of Previous Jobs

Maximizing Efficiency, Minimizing Your Expenditure

Earth Work Solutions continues to be a diverse heavy construction company with expertise in many areas and have placed our stamp of craftsmanship on a multitude of projects.

We work to maintain a safe and efficient operation to maximize quality and minimize your capital expenditure. See some of our larger projects, below.

Oil & Gas

2014-16: Bluegrass Water – Oilfield Produced Water Disposal – Southern Cross and Wright Facilities Construct single produce water pond and install lining in Baggs, WY. Design – Build six ponds at the Wright facility. To-date we have completed the construction of four of the produced water ponds and the installation of the production and evaporation system.

2015: North Bill Disposal – Oilfield Produced Water Disposal Facility – Earthwork construction for of four produced water disposal reservoirs.

2014-2015: Owl – Thunder Basin, Ponds 8 & 12

2014: Meritage Midstream – 50 Buttes Compressor Pad

2005-06: Petro Canada Resources – Wild Turkey Project
Constructed and Installed:

  • 830,000 gallon ballast pond with a 2” galvanized aeration system to assist with methane gas extraction, a 445,000 gallon settling pond complete with a 30’ wide saw tooth weir waterfall with a gas release turbidity channel and a primary iron extraction system (secondary iron capture was performed with an additional backwash pond utilizing our own custom header system to integrate with an (Fe) encapsulating flocculant system),
  • 7,000,000 gallon brine waste storage pond
  • 6 forced/natural evaporation ponds totaling over 45.5 million gallons of capacity. Every pond was constructed with leak detection systems installed by our crews.
  • We designed the settling pond, CH4 reducing waterfall, gas release turbidity channel/primary iron reduction system, backwash pond with flocculant header (secondary iron capture system).
  • We also designed approximately 130 of the 150 total acre/feet of lined ponds for this project.

2013-16: Enserco – Crude Oil Loadout, Site Improvement & Manifest Loading Design – Build construction of a new double loop unit train oil loadout facility with a highway crossing and a frac sand loadout.

Cost: $9,289,000

2015: Anadarko Petroleum – Hilight Plant Track Expansion Design – Build major track expansion for the gas facility.

2014: SBG Energy – Richardton, ND Transloading Facility Design – Build new transloading facility for pipe, oil and frac sand.

2013-14: Balfour Beatty – Laramie River Station Track Expansion Design – Build new siding for additional coal storage.

2012-13: Westmoreland Resources – West Wye Track Expansion – New mainline wye track to connect to the BNSF line. Construction was across a major highway and wetlands.

2011: Nelson Brothers – Major Yard Expansion Design – Build: Realigned multiple tracks and reconfigured their method of operation. Added three new storage tracks.

2008-09: Spring Creek Coal – 150 Car Track Expansion Design – Build: Expand existing infrastructure to accommodate three 150-car trains.

2007-08: Black Thunder Mine – NWHilight Facility Construction Design/Build: Loop and storage yard to accommodate new loadout facility. Capable of handling six 150-car trains and high speed loading.

2008: Cordero/Rojo Mine – North Track Expansion Design/Build: Extend existing facility to accommodate 150 cars.

2006-2007: North Antelope/Rochelle Mine – Blending Project Loop Expansion Design/Build: Two new loop tracks to accommodate new high speed loadouts.

2003-16: Upton Development Commission – Transload Facility Design/Build: Designed and constructed a loop off of the mainline with sidings and storage tracks for multiple customers. We are continuously planning for the growth of the Upton Development Park for an increasing number of new customers.

2007: Antelope Mine – Proposed High Speed Loadout Track Expansion Design Only: New loop configuration to accommodate additional silos with high speed loading capabilities. Required complete redesign of the entire rail loop.

2007: Black Hills Trucking – Track Reconfiguration Design only: Complete modification of existing infrastructure.

2006-07: Rawhide Mine – 150 Car Track Expansion Design/Build: Track Expansions to accommodate 150 car trains.

2006: Coal Creek Mine – Track Expansion Design/Build: Extend existing facility to accommodate 150 car trains.

2005-06: Buckskin Mine – Track Expansion Design/Build: Double capacity and reconfigured to accommodate 150 car trains.

2004: Antelope Mine – Track Expansion Design/Build: Loop expansion added additional inbound and outbound tracks.

2002-04: Jacobs Ranch Mine – Track Expansion Multiple Phases Design/Build: Added inbound and outbound track to increase  capacity and accommodate 150 car trains.

2000: North Rochelle Mine – Inbound Siding Track Expansion: Construct 2 miles of compacted railroad embankment.

1999: North Antelope / Rochelle Mine – Outbound Track Expansion: Construct 2.5 miles of compacted railroad embankment.

Heavy Highway

2016: Contura Coal West – Highway 59 Relocation – General contractor for the relocation of 3.9 miles of Highway 59.
2015-16: City of Gillette – Boxelder Road Expansion – General contractor for the extension of the urban arterial.
2014-15: Simon Contractors – Hwy 112 Reconstruction (Hulett North) – Major vertical alignment change, FDR, Culvert extensions and subbase for 9 miles of highway reconstruction.
2011-12: Intermountain Construction – Northern Drive Phase II – New construction of five miles of urban arterial.
2011: Highway 50 – Reconstruct Highway 50 from Lakeway Drive to Highway 14-16 – Excavate 400,000 CY from the existing road template, widen and realign vertically.
2008: Black Thunder Mine – Hilight Road Realignment and Paving Project – Design/Build: Realign 1 mile of the Hilight County Road and pave.
2006: North Antelope / Rochelle Mine – New Access Road Construct – 4.2 miles of new access road across mine reclamation and native areas.
2004: North Rochelle Mine – Reno Road North Relocation and Paving Project – Design/Build: Realign ½ mile of the Reno County Road and pave.

Heavy Civil

2011: Cloud Peak Energy – Belle Fourche Diversion – General contractor for the installation of the largest drop structure in North America.

2010-11: Basin Electric Ash Cell Construction – Embankment, excavation, pond construction and road construction for the operation of the Ash Landfill.

2006: North Antelope Rochelle Mine – Mega Tank Civil Construction : All grading, containment and piping for the installation of the mine’s million gallon fuel storage facility.

2004: North Antelope Rochelle Mine – Miscellaneous Reservoir Construction: Constructed seven reservoirs of varying size for pit flood control.

2002: North Antelope Rochelle Mine – Boss Draw MSHA Reservoir Construct: 335,000 cubic yards of compacted embankment for flood control structure.

2002: North Antelope Rochelle Mine – Wilkinson Reservoir Construct: 120,000 cy of compacted embankment for MSHA Reservoir.

2001: North Antelope Rochelle Mine – Flood Control Reservoirs Construction of miscellaneous compacted embankments.

2001: Antelope Coal Mine – NWMAN Low-Water Crossing Construct: reinforced super-structure across Antelope Creek for mine access to coal pits.

2000: North Antelope Rochelle Mine – Corder Creek Plug Construct: 500 foot top width drainage dam for flood control.

1997: Belle Ayr Mine – Caballo Creek Diversion Construct: 2 miles of diversion channel for Caballo Creek around the mine.


2016: S&S Builders – Gillette Colleg Agricultural Complex – Site utilities.

2015: Hladky Construction – Farmers Co-op Site – Site grading and utilities for the construction of a new facility.

2015: Campbell County – Landfill Phase III West – General contractor for the construction of a new landfill cell.

2013-14: City of Sheridan – Landfill Project – General contractor for the construction of a new landfill cell.

2012: Town of Wright – Riding & Roping Facility – General contractor for the site grading, utilities and surfacing for a new facility.

2010: Campbell County Landfill Expansion Phase III East – Excavate additional waste containment cell and line with a complex impermeable geosynthetic liner system.

2009-11: Keyhole State Park – Waterline and Pumps – Install new pump control, pumps and waterlines throughout the state park.

2009: High Plains Community Church – Utilities and Site Grading. Perform all utility and site grading for the new 32,000 sf facility.

2009: Campbell County – Landfill #1 – Design/Build: Excavate and map the amount of cover over existing landfill liner, soil sampling and reclamation recommendations to neutralize acidic soils and remediate.

2009: City of Gillette – Burlington Diversion – Design/Build: Design diversion to allow storm water by-pass to Burlington Lake.

1995: City Of Gillette – Westside Drive Reconstruction – Total reconstruction of Westside Drive to the landfill.


2007: Jacobs Ranch Mine – Overland Conveyor Embankment, excavation and scoria surfacing of two miles of overland conveyor corridor for the new conveyor installation. Included multiple excavations for the truck dump.

2007: Black Thunder Mine – Overland Conveyor Embankment, excavation and scoria surfacing of two miles of overland conveyor corridor for the new conveyor installation.

2006: North Antelope/Rochelle Mine – Overland Conveyor Embankment, excavation and scoria surfacing of two miles of overland conveyor corridor for the new conveyor installation.


2005: North Antelope Rochelle Mine: Mine reclamation and topsoil stripping (2.2 million cubic yards).

2003: North Antelope Rochelle Mine: Mine reclamation and topsoil stripping (3.2 million cubic yards).

2003: North Rochelle Mine: Mine reclamation and topsoil stripping (1 million cubic yards).

2003: Antelope Coal Mine: Mine reclamation and topsoil stripping (1.5 million cubic yards).

2002: North Antelope Rochelle Mine: Mine reclamation and topsoil stripping (4 million cubic yards).

2002: North Rochelle Mine: Mine reclamation and topsoil stripping (1+ million cubic yards).

2001: North Rochelle Mine: Mine reclamation and topsoil stripping (1+ million cubic yards).

2001: North Antelope / Rochelle and Caballo Mines: Mine reclamation and topsoil stripping (continued service contract).  Wetland and erosion control construction. Coal handling facility improvements.

1999: North Antelope Rochelle and Caballo Mines: Mine reclamation and topsoil stripping (4 million cubic yards). Construct: 1900 lineal foot MSHA compacted earth dam.

1999: Antelope Coal Mine: Mine reclamation and topsoil stripping (1 million cubic yards).

1999: Eagle Butte Mine: Mine reclamation and topsoil stripping (1 million cubic yards).


2011: AML Cokeville, Wyoming – Close several abandon mines on an annual contract.

2010: AML Carney Mine Subsidence Mitigation– Repaired hundreds of closed subsidence areas and several open subsidence areas. Natural Regrade and revegetation of 45 acres of disturbed area.

2010 – 11: AML Kemmerer, Wyoming (active contract)- Reclaiming several mines along a 25 mile stretch of the historic mining district. Includes subsidence stabilization, open portal closures with bulkheads, drainage reconstruction and remediation, and several cultural and historic preservation projects as well. Final grading and revegetation is included in this contract.

2010: AML Douglas, Wyoming – closure and reclamation of several abandoned coal mines.


With a staff of professional drivers, a full fleet of trucks and a variety of trailers, we are able to handle nearly any aspect of your delivery needs.

Construction Aggregate & Equipment

  • Equipment Heavy Hauling – Transport Trucks
  • Aggregate – Belly Dumps & Pups
  • Side Dump Trailers
  • End Dumps
  • Off Road Articulated Trucks

Surface Treatment Aggregate
We maintain our Broker’s license, enabling us to ship your specialized aggregate cheaper and more efficiently, to nearly anywhere in the country. Learn more about our Surface Treatment Aggregate.

Ready to Hit the Road? Contact Us Today.

State Highway

With 40 Years Experience in Heavy Highway work, we know the DOT and what it takes to complete a quality, on-time project. Focusing mainly on heavy construction,  aggregate materials sales & trucking, we operate on a standard of professionalism and competency. We are familiar with DOT standards and are staffed and equipped for a multitude of projects.

Heavy Construction
We’ve got the Equipment & Resources to get large jobs done right and on-time.

  • Extensive, Diversified Fleet of Yellow Iron
  • Extensive Truck Fleet
  • Large Staff of Qualified Personnel

Aggregate Material
 EWS is a supplier of a variety of quality aggregate materials.

  • Aggregate Crushing
  • Aggregate Hauling

Teaming Opportunities
We know dirtwork, and we know the DOT.
With 40 years experience, we’ve got the skills and competency to team with you and complete a quality, efficient project.

We can perform work as a Prime or Subcontractor.

Typical Projects:
Heavy Highway Construction | Utilities | Pipe Crossings & Culverts | Geo Synthetics | Demolition | Aggregate Sales & Trucking | Construction Staking | Passing Lanes | Widening | Sign Installation | Traffic Control

Interested in Partnering? Let’s Talk.

Public Projects

From city streets and site development to utility installation, and landfills, we’ve got the expertise, equipment and staff to get your City, County, or Municipal heavy construction project done right. We often operate as a General Contractor in this arena.

  • Urban Arterial
  • Highway
  • Landfills
  • Aggregate Surfacing
  • Site Development
  • Site Expansion
  • Utilities Installation – Water, Gas, Sewer (sanitary & storm sewer)

Surface-Safe™ Solutions
Keep your visitors & staff safe from slips and falls, protect your existing surface, keep your bottom line intact.

Our turn key traction and branding solutions, are designed for your high foot traffic areas with aesthetics, longevity, and practicality in mind.  Learn More

Partner with Us Today.

Produced / Fresh Water Facilities –
Solid Waste Disposal / Landfills

Offering a Turnkey Service, from site location selection to conceptional layout to grading plans and then construction, we’re here to partner in your venture. Specializing in Lined Facilities Since 1975, over the past decade we have become the preferred contractor for Water Disposal and Landfills, in the area. Save Time, Save Money, Stay on Budget.

1. Value Engineering
Our in-house Engineers will do a constructability review of your site selection, and interject our expertise to help you make the best selection.

2. Preliminary Pricing
We offer budgetary construction costs for planning purposes. Let’s keep you within your budget.

3. Construction of Facility
From surveying to ground breaking to to fully functional facility, we take care of it all with our extensive heavy construction crew and in-house engineering support.

Typical Projects:
Produced Water Facilities | Fresh Water Frac Pits | Fresh Water Ponds |  HDPE Lined Ponds | Leak Detection Systems | Leachate Collection Basins | Solid Waste Disposal | Landfills | Bentonite & GCL Systems | Wildlife Protection Systems | Enhanced Evaporation, Pipeline & Water Management Infrastructure | Oilfield Reserve Pits | Secondary Containment Systems

Work with the Preferred Contractor for the Area.
Contact Us Today.

Have a Project in Mind?

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